This page isn't about me as much as it's about my artwork and such things. Drawings, photos, scripts, stories, rants, etc. Anyway, it's extolling me, so feel free to look around, or not look around.

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5-23-06 Tuesday, 7:57PM

Woah, word... I forgot about this site in all the graduating and moving and everything... Guess it's time to start making it pretty again. Heh.

2-19-05 Saturday, 4:10PM

Two more pictures up. I like them... well, one is much better than the other. See if you can guess which one I like more. It's a game.
Come on.



4-30-05 Saturday, 12:50PM

I added some older drawings I had... They're all pretty good, so take a look.. they might be on the second page. I still have to find a way to scan my charcoal drawing which is too big for most scanners I know.

2-4-05 Friday, 1:00AM

I added another drawing. I can't express how happy I am with this one. As it says in the picture's caption, it started off in pen and I altered nothing in the picture except the size of her lips and, of course, erasing the pen shading.
All in all, I'd say this is my favorite picture I've ever done, so go look at it.

12-12-04 Sunday, 9:00PM

I added yet another drawing. It's not as cool as the last one, but it's good subject matter.
I also added a section of writings, which consists of a few things I like and my one script I've finished. Feel free to take a look.
I got rid of the photos. I just didn't think they fit the artistic stuff, and I wanted to make more room for drawings and landscapes once I get home.

12-9-04 Thursday, 3:00AM

I added a new drawing. Look at it, cause I really like it.

I also removed the strategy guides, for now, if anyone cares. Just ask me if you happen to have any issues with games that are long outdated. That's about all.

12-5-04 Sunday, 12:04PM

I added some new drawings. I like them.
That's all.

11-21-04 Sunday, 12:40PM

Okey doke... we're going to try using this page again. I was going to sign up for a photo album online, but I figured 'what's the point when I have this to use.' I'm gonna keep using my journal, so this is just for the pictures and the old strategy guides assuming I ever actually finish them. We'll see what comes of it.

And here we have the guardian of my page. His brother is long since gone, but he lives on, moving from page to page.

Do not abuse my page, or he will BEAT on you. He knows where you live, and he knows your name.
For those of you who have stumbled upon my page, I am Mog.